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The ‘Iskandar Horoscope’ - 474

The ‘Iskandar Horoscope’ - 474

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The fold out page from the ‘Iskandar Horoscope’ showing the position of the planets at the moment of Jalāl al-Dīn Iskandar Sultan ibn ‘Umar Shaykh's birth on 25th April , 1384 CE in the form of a planisphere. Iskandar Sultan ruled much of modern southern Iran in the 15th century. and was a favourite grandson of Tīmūr , alias Tamerlane (d. 1405) , who conquered much of Persia and Central Asia. The horoscope was cast on the 22nd of Dhu-l-Hijja 813 AH (18 April 1411 CE) by the court astrologer Mahmud Ibn Yahya ibn al-Hasan al-Kashi, in the second year of Iskandar Sultan’s reign, when he was 27 years of age. The Wellcome Library, London , reference: MS Persian 474.

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