Colección: Pierre Lissac

Pierre Lissac (March 19, 1878 - 1955) was a French painter, illustrator, and engraver who was also known as a caricaturist under the names 'Pierlis' and 'Kiss'. Born in Limoges, Lissac was admitted to the School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1897. By the 1910s, Lissac had become an important contributor to various humor magazines in France, such as L'assiette au beurre, Le Rire, La Vie Parisienne and several others. Between 1924 and 1950, Lissac produced a large amount of work, including collaborations with contemporary authors, illustrated children’s books, and numerous advertisements. As a member of the Societe nationale des beaux-arts, Lissac exhibited paintings at several salons and during the 1937 Universal Exposition in Paris. During World War II, Lissac managed to escape to Morocco and established a studio in Rabat. While there, he produced watercolor paintings with eastern themes, mostly landscapes and street scenes. - Geographicus