Colección: Edouard Vuillard

The scenes are dense with colour, patterns and light in Landscapes and Interiors (Paysages et Intérieurs), a series of 13 lithographs by French artist Édouard Vuillard (1868–1940). Here they're available as prints, along with more of Vuillard's extraordinary work.

In these small pictures he shows us intimate and ordinary views of the Paris homes of friends and family. People are glimpsed as if they're unaware of being observed - a kind of candid paintbrush approach whereby Vuillard swiftly records the moment, rooms and people defined by colour rather than form.

When Landscapes and Interiors was published, collectors were not all that keen to purchase the series when it released in 1899 by the avant-garde dealer Ambroise Vollard. Few of the private moment designed for public consumption sold. Two decades later Vollard had still not sold the original edition of 100 sets.