Collection: James Ensor

We've lovely prints and cards of paintings and illustration by Belgian artist James Ensor (13 April 1860 – 19 November 1949). Esnor, a painter printmaker, was associated with the artistic group Les XX. His art turns the everyday into something strange, wonderful and unsettling. 

Ensor left school at the age of fifteen to train with two local artists. From 1877 to 1880, he attended the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. 

Ensor's work was rejected for being scandalous, particularly his work Christ's Entry Into Brussels. The Belgian art critic Octave Maus said of him: "Ensor is the leader of a clan. Ensor is the limelight. Ensor sums up and concentrates certain principles which are considered to be anarchistic. In short, Ensor is a dangerous person who has great changes... He is consequently marked for blows. It is at him that all the harquebuses are aimed. It is on his head that are dumped the most aromatic containers of the so-called serious critics.... Ensor is a Madman."

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