Collection: Iain S.P.Reid

Iain Reid was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 5th Oct 1948, the eldest of three brothers (Douglas and Hamish).

Through 1976 and 1977 Iain worked on a series of portraits of football supporters. 
The photographs zoom in on Manchester derby games between Manchester United and Manchester City.

Iain wrote of his project:

"I worked on a series of portraits of football supporters. I was given a grant by the Arts Council to facilitate this project. As can be imagined, this caused a minor furore in the local Manchester press. I was infamous for a while. Most of the work was exhibited in 1978 in the Frontline bookshop, 1 Newton Street, Piccadilly.

"The chief interest in the whole body of work was the way in which the football supporters of Manchester United and Manchester City used to dress and treat the whole match as if it were a carnival. Despite all press reports, there was very little violence, and the fans I found most helpful in assisting with the project. They were always aware of the angle I was taking with the work. I carried around copies of the photos I was going to be using to show them I was not exploiting them by misrepresenting them in any way."

In 1983 Iain found his passion (apart from photography) in helping others. From 1983 until a few months before his death he worked as Social Worker in various positions where he felt he was able to help the homeless and men and women whose drug and alcohol use had become a problem to both themselves and their families.

Whilst working as a social worker Iain continued indulging in his love for photography and was working on a series of portraits which he was going to call ‘My contemporaries’, which is yet to be compiled.

Sadly Iain passed away in November 2000 from melanoma, a particularly aggressive cancer. He was cremated at Hazelhead Crematorium, Aberdeen on the 8th November 2000. The mourners were so many that some had to stand outside.... A testament to his life. He was much loved by many.

These photographs are arguably the best images of British football culture in the 1970s. More from the Manchester series are being posted on Iain's Facebook Page. If you see an image you'd like as a print or maybe spot yourself or someone you know in the crowd, please let us know

15% of all profits goes to the charity Melanoma UK

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