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Human Ornithopte - Shopping Bag

Human Ornithopte - Shopping Bag

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Organic cotton shopping bag featuring the Human Ornithopter, ca. 1815 - Ornithopter: an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. Humorous portrayal of a man who flies with wings attached to his tunic. Hand-coloured lithograph, date and origin unrecorded, assumed to be created between 1800 and 1830. 

- 300 g/m² / CANVAS
- 80% recycled ring-spun combed cotton / 20% recycled polyester (GOTS label)
- Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish
- Side soufflet
- Long handles with reinforced cross stitch
- Single edge stitch on all seams in matching body colour thread
- Dimensions: 49 x 37cm

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